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Christmas Snow

Fantasy Writings

Recently republished, these Christmas fantasy novels for children 9 through 99 feature delightful romps through an imaginary Christmas tree world called Arboria. Click on the picture below for more information.

jpg (hardback) Gabriel's Magic Ornament_Blue.jpg

The Caterbury Tails

A clan of cats invades a medieval cathedral.  As they multiply, they take over everything, including the running of the cathedral and Sunday morning worship services! Even the organ is affected! Can anybody stop them from making a mess of things? Click on the image below for more information

Caterbury take-63.jpg

The Quest for Asdin

The sacred star of frozen light has gone missing, and chaos threatens to annihilate the inhabitants of Zil Kenøth. Can anything be done to recover the star and avert catastrophe, or will this civilization built on the edge of the sea of darkness perish? Click on image below for more information

jpg (hardback) Gabriel's Magic Ornament_Blue.jpg

From Pig Farm to Pork Meadow

Coming in 2025! A story of upwardly mobile pigs with pictures  beautifully illustrated by Ben Watson.

Image by Pascal Debrunner
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